Another morning after..

...a crazy night before.

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Nothing ever works like it should...
Life doesn't always work out the way that you want it to. More often than that things turn out to be exactly the opposite of what you were hoping for. I suppose that life is a bitch that way, another one of those 'is' things that you can't change. It's hard to let go of those moments, the ones where you thought it would all be different. They haunt your memories like pathetic ghost that scream of what if and what might have been in misty voices that drag along your senses. It's almost sickening the way we let it rule our sleepless nights. We are nothing beyond creatures of emotion, that is true insanity.
There are a thousand things beyond our control that happen every day, every second, and never phases us. Breathing, blood flow, involuntary motor function, rain, snow, idiots. That last one might be a controllable problem, anyway. We can't control these moments either, the ones that never leave. Life is indeed a bitch, can't change that either. To have that control would be a lot like being a god. What if all your dreams came true, every wish granted, every prayer heard? I think we'd we worse off than we are. I guess some things really aren't meant to be.


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