Another morning after..

...a crazy night before.

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For some people its always a little easier to appreciate the rainy days instead of the sunny ones.
The darkness it bleeds. It screams in pain and twisted agony and divulges into a manic laughter more suited for it's distant sibling at those who've fallen. From just beyond the realm of light, hat place where balances holds fast to it's children. it cries out to inflicted souls who know nothing but to answer it's calls. Understood is something they are not, those lost confused souls damned by all that is holy and dragged kicking and screaming from the realm of light to be cast among the shadows in hell. Though, if even for a moment, you could postpone their darkened fate they would not allow you the pleasure. Pride captures and cages the tongue and words stop stillborn amidst the bars. It may allow the darkness to show from the soul, but never the truth of it's depth. The dark storm continues to rage on and though words of the worried my be the cure for the night they're picked up on a gust of wind and only a hint of true meaning finds their ears. They remain lost and true to the fact your endeavor is one to be written off with time. It's certainly not that they don't appreciate the concern written on your face, they mean more than you might at first realize, but they know this song and dance like an old lover returning from war. After all lost causes is all they are and no one minds them for long, a passing glimmer of the night and then another. They blend together and disappear. Fear not the implications that your words my bring, these souls know already that perfect phrases were not originally meant to be sugarcoated lines. Those goodbye apologies are unneeded, your actions were forgiven before you even thought you'd make them because you aren't the first to dance these steps in razor blade heels. Bloody marks will eventually fade to pearl scars and in the end even though you've left them more damaged in your wake they were already prepared ten steps ahead of you. This ill-fated waltz was one they allowed even knowing, for that moment, because even the lost harbor human nature and they were damaged long before you tripped down this rabbit hole. The scars are reminders, fear not for the damaged because they already know they can survive. Though the darkness my scream, it's pain means nothing. The darkness it bleeds, but it does not die.


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